Empark Turkey offers a global experience for more than 40 years to its users in the most contemporary way:

  • Build-Operate- Transfer model car parks. Operate and transfer at the end of the term
  • Operate the carparks by renting,
  • Managing, collecting and reporting of income of carparks on behalf of the owner
  • To provide, design, consultancy and procurement, project management and operation systems, technical services and consumables for all types of car park
  • Offering valet service to hotels, organizations, special invitations continuously or on demand
  • Creating advertising channels inside the carparks on demand
  • Operating the car parks in busy areas such as airports, bus stations, shopping malls to increase their profitability

Empark Turkey offers different products according to the characteristic of the car park and services such as security, comfort, payment convenience focused on customer satisfaction using the latest technologies.